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Take your product from unproven concept to high-converting evergreen sales funnel in just 12 weeks.


"This is the most comprehensive system I've ever seen for launching a product. Nothing was left to guess at or try to figure out. Ruth explains everything step by step by step."

 –Rosemarie Groner, The Busy Budgeter


You know you should be selling a product, but you have no idea what you're doing wrong...

Let's be honest—there's nothing more frustrating than working like crazy to grow your online business without actually seeing results. And there's nothing more disheartening than pouring your heart and soul into developing a product—whether it be writing a book, designing a course or offering a service—only to have your sales fall flat.

You've heard all the talk about sales funnels and product launches and the promise of making money while you sleep. Maybe you've even tried launching a product or setting up a funnel of your own.

And yet, something's not working.

Your Facebook ads are too expensive. Your list isn't growing. Your sales copy doesn't convert. You spent months creating what you thought was going to be the perfect product, but you haven't seen a single sale.

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was going to be getting your website up and running, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

Well, guess what?

You are missing something.

And you're not alone. Most bloggers and online business owners are missing something.

The truth is that having the right product to sell in your online business is a game changer, one that will allow you to maximize your profitability, make more money with a smaller audience, and yes, with a high-converting funnel, even allow you to make money while you sleep.

The problem? Nailing your product offer AND your launch strategy AND your sales copy AND your graphics AND your Facebook ads AND your email sequence AND all those other essential elements of a successful product ALL AT THE EXACT SAME TIME is not that easy. There are so many different potential points of failure that sometimes it feels like you may as well be shooting in the dark.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got all these pieces right?


And I want to help you solve your product problems for good.

Since first starting my online business in 2010, I've launched more than 50 different products—everything from books to online courses to physical products—and my business generates millions of dollars in product sales each year.

And while my business now enjoys healthy profit margins from high-converting digital sales funnels (that literally make money while I sleep), please believe me when I tell you that making money wasn't always this easy.

I spent years learning how to hone in on the right products to sell, as well as how to launch and sell them effectively. I made many, many mistakes along the way, but ultimately I learned what worked, as well as how to replicate those results again and again.

And that’s exactly what Product Launch Playbook Academy™ is all about. Originally created as a training manual for my own team, it is the Secret Sauce to my 7-figure business, and it is going to rock your world!


Imagine having a signature product for your business that actually converts into sales, every single time.

Here's what that would look like...

  • You'd only spend time creating and delivering a proven concept, an idea that you know for a fact is going to sell because you've already sold it. No more time wasted on ideas that may or may not turn into actual dollars in your pocket.
  • You'd have a captive audience of customers ready and waiting (and EXCITED) to buy from you. No more struggling to grow your list or get people's attention.
  • You'd have a high-converting lead magnet and compelling entry-point offer (also known as a tripwire) that consistently more than offset the cost of your ad spend and allowed you to build your list for free. No more crossing your fingers (or giving away the farm!).
  • You'd have the confidence to spend money on paid advertising because you'd be able to consistently predict the results and see a strong return on your investment. No more panicking that your ads aren't working!
  • You'd have a clear understanding of product launch strategy and know exactly how to balance live launches with high-converting evergreen sales funnels in order to drive consistent revenue for your business. No more relying on algorithms or factors outside of your control.

Sound like a fantasy? It's not. In fact, it's a reality that is so much closer and so much easier than you think.


“Product Launch Playbook Academy has totally transformed the way I think about selling products. Before, I used to think that all I needed to do was create a product and if it was 'good enough' it would sell! Oh my goodness, how wrong I was! Even the best products in the world will fail if they don't have solid marketing promoting them. That's what the Product Launch Playbook is–a step-by-step system to take your product from zero sales to raving customers. It showed me what to do, when to do it and how to plan for the entire process.”

 –JoAnn Crohn, No Guilt Mom


The program that will help you confidently create, launch and sell your signature product in just 12 weeks.

Product Launch Playbook Academy is a comprehensive program designed to help you conceptualize, create, launch and sell a product from start to finish, so that you understand, step by step, exactly how to select the right product, how to prime your audience, how to make sure your idea is viable and, most importantly, how to actually drive sales, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

The Product Launch Playbook was originally created as an internal training manual for my own team, intended as a way to allow them to easily duplicate my own results with product launches, launches that have generated more than $25 million in product sales since 2010.

It literally is the secret sauce to my business.

In fact, Product Launch Playbook Academy is so good, so thorough and so full of proprietary information that we actually stopped selling it. Since 2020, PLPA has only been available to a select few students inside of our ACTIVATE Coaching Program (which has also been closed to new students for the past year!).

If you have a blog or an online business (or if you have thought about starting one), this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.

“The PLP has been an invaluable resource for me as I am planning my launch. The real-life examples, screenshots, and email copies have given me the confidence to know that I am actually doing things right. And just using these strategies in affiliate launches has already improved my sales by 5,000%!

 –Jennifer Roskamp, The Intentional Mom


A proven 3-phase process that eliminates the guesswork in order to fully optimize your results.

When it comes to creating a product, there are many ways you can go wrong and nearly infinite potential points of failure. Our powerful, game-changing framework is simple but designed to get you the massive results you are looking for, in less time, with far less frustration than if you tried to do it on your own. Here’s a look at how our comprehensive 3-Phase EBA Product Launch Playbook framework is structured:

- P H A S E O N E -


The first phase of planning and executing a successful product launch is to nail your CONCEPT. Because believe it or not, selling your product starts before you've even created it. In this phase, you'll need to get clear about what your audience needs, then map out your signature program and construct your foundational lead magnet and entry offer, as well as create your essential launch assets.

- P H A S E T W O -


The second phase of planning and executing a successful product launch is to actually PROOF your concept. After all, not every idea is a good one that will actually sell, which is why you need to get it to market as quickly as possible. In this phase, you'll first prime your audience then plan and execute your Baby Seed Launch, before actually delivering your product and assessing your results.

- P H A S E T H R E E -


Once you've proven your product is viable, the third and final phase in planning and executing a successful product launch is to SCALE. This is the fun stage because this is where you start reaping the rewards of all your hard work! In this phase, you'll build out your evergreen funnel and ongoing launch strategy, as well as level up your ad game and learn how to continually optimize for better and better results.

“The Product Launch Playbook has taken me from disbelief to excitement about launching a product of my own. Until reading the PLP I didn't even think about launching my own product because it felt too big and overwhelming. Now I have a step-by-step action plan that breaks it down into manageable tasks that I am working through as I start the beginning steps of launching a product. Thanks to PLP I can finally say that...I'm planning on launching a product!”

 -Janel Hutton, Nellie Bellie


Discover a playbook so powerful and effective, we actually stopped selling it.

The Product Launch Playbook was originally designed as an internal training manual for my team. As such, it's jam-packed with so much proprietary information that we decided to stop selling it. It hasn't been offered to the public since 2020 and may never be again. But just look at what people have to say.


"She teaches you step-by-step, so that you don’t have to be overwhelmed or confused. You just do every step that she talks about, and at the end, you have a product launch, and you make a lot of money, way more than you could have ever made on your own."


"I use this Playbook for EVERYTHING now—any time I am going to launch ANYTHING, it is the first thing I turn to. It’s so nice to be able to use it over and over again, and continually get results."


“I wondered why my products weren’t selling, and now I KNOW. I know now because the Product Launch Playbook goes into such detail about what you need to do. I was failing with my sales page, and now I know how to fix it.”


"I relaunched my product this June, and I am excited to say that it exceeded all of my expectations, and then some! I am SO fired up! Before the EBA® Product Launch Playbook, I HATED launches, but now they are actually FUN!"


“I’ve always struggled with sales and marketing. I worried about appearing spammy or aggressive, and it held me back for DECADES. But the Product Launch Playbook actually showed me how to sell without feeling spammy at all! In only 6 days of “open cart” time, I enrolled 204 students and earned $12,401.93—on my first launch with my blog being less than a year old!” 


"I avoided launching a product for a while because I felt completely unsure of myself. But after following the steps in the PLP, we sold 168 cookbooks AND grew our email list to 10,000 by using Ruth’s plan. We made at least ten times more than we invested in the PLP, and that’s just on the first product we launched!"


"You really don’t need a huge team or a huge budget to launch a product and be successful with it. You need a plan, a really good one, from someone who has been there and done it and that is what the Product Launch Playbook gives you." 


"I used to be nervous about emailing too much, but using the PLP strategies and templates I saw how to do that in a way that made sense. Following the steps in the PLP I had my best launch ever—beating out previous ones by 900%!"


"I finally got past the fear of not being good enough or not having a good enough product. I finally found the next steps. I made my product, launched it, had a sales page, a funnel, and everything within 30 days. I never could have done that all by myself." 


"We didn't know where to begin, but after reading the Product Launch Playbook it gave us the confidence to say, 'We can do this'! Ruth gives you the exact strategies she uses to run very profitable and successful launches!" 

“I couldn’t have done it without the PLP. Ruth gives you the step-by-step instructions on how to market your product and even gives example product launch emails to make it even easier to see how it all comes together. I’ve sold over 12,000 copies so far, and now I know that when I’m ready to launch the next one I have the tools I need to make it a success.”

 –Kristy Doubet Haare, Life-N-Reflection


Is Product Launch Playbook Academy going to be right for me?


There’s no other way to put this—Product Launch Playbook Academy is simply amazing.

It is by far the most comprehensive program available anywhere for creating and launching a successful product-based online business. And when we say comprehensive, we mean that we show you exactly how to conceptualize, create, launch and sell your signature product, then show you exactly how to build profitable evergreen funnels that allow you to make money in your sleep.

It is jam-packed with insanely helpful, detailed instructions for launching a product, including plug-and-play copy and actual launch plans from several of our own six- and seven-figure launches. The whole program is SOLID GOLD, filled with a whole lot of proprietary information that most successful marketers are not willing to share.

And that’s because we never actually intended to sell it.

It’s a program that was originally created as an internal training document for our team’s eyes only and was never actually intended for public consumption.

And honestly that’s the biggest reason we stopped offering it to the public—it felt like we were just giving away too many of our trade secrets. Because it’s that good.

For the past two years, it has only been available inside our ACTIVATE Coaching Program. And in case you’ve been paying attention, we haven’t opened the doors to ACTIVATE for one full year either.

Suffice it to say, this is a really, REALLY big deal! It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get access to a course that very few bloggers and online business owners will ever have access to. It will put you way ahead of the competition. And it will blow your mind.


Before enrolling in Product Launch Playbook Academy you should already have your business website set up along with social media accounts for your business on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We won’t spend any time on “establishing your brand,” so you should already have a clear understanding of what your business is about and who your target customers are.

If you don’t yet have a website set up, we do recommend first taking
EBA® Foundation which will focus on quickly building your foundation with confidence.

If you are a Legacy EBA student, we recommend that you have gone through at least Unit 3 of EBA before starting with Product Launch Playbook Academy.

That said, enrollment in Elite Blog Academy is not a prerequisite for attending Product Launch Playbook Academy, and if you have no interest in blogging or content marketing but do want to create and sell products in the online space, Product Launch Playbook Academy will likely still be a good fit for you. Over the past few years, we’ve helped coaches, authors, eCommerce sellers and even brick-and-mortar businesses improve their sales through our innovative program.


Public enrollment for Product Launch Playbook Academy is currently closed. Join the waiting list to be the first to know when doors will be opening again!

Recordings and all other program materials will be delivered digitally through a password-protected, members-only site. As soon as you enroll, you’ll be emailed your login information with a username and password. You can then log into the site and have instant access to all course materials.

The course outline is as follows:

  • COURSE INTRO: What to expect, how to prepare
  • LESSON 1: Begin with the End in Mind
  • LESSON 2: Map Out Your Program
  • LESSON 3: Construct Your Entry-Point Offer
  • LESSON 4: Design Your Essential Assets
  • LESSON 5: Prime Your Audience
  • LESSON 6: Write to Sell
  • LESSON 7: Drive Sales with a Kick-Ass Webinar
  • LESSON 8: Product Delivery and Improvement
  • LESSON 9: Design Your Evergreen Funnel
  • LESSON 10: Advanced Promotional Strategies
  • LESSON 11: Fill Your Funnel
  • LESSON 12: Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Each lesson is accompanied by a workbook and includes specific assignments to help you apply what you are learning to your own business. 



Product Launch Playbook Academy is completely focused on helping you create, launch and actually sell your signature product. 

For online business owners, there is no better way to maximize your impact or your revenue than through selling your own products online (and preferably your own digital products). Product Launch Playbook Academy will show you exactly how to develop the RIGHT product for your audience then how to actually sell it in a way that gets real results.

If you have struggled with monetization or conversions in the past, this is the program that will finally help you break down that mental block and get you earning real money from your online platform even if you have a very small audience.


Product Launch Playbook Academy is designed as a self-paced course, so you can go through the material at your own pace. However, our team is only an email away if you get stuck or have questions!


The short answer? If you’re trying to grow an online business, then YES. 

The longer answer is this: Product Launch Playbook Academy is for anyone who is in the online space and wants to make real money from selling products, whether you already have products you are trying to sell or whether you’ve got an idea for a product or business still just in your head. It’s for anyone who has been scared to sell or frustrated that their sales efforts don’t seem to be working or for anyone who needs help increasing their conversions.

Product Launch Playbook Academy is designed to take the mystery out of successfully creating and launching the right product for your audience and to help you take your product from concept (as in—it doesn’t even exist yet) to a high-converting evergreen sales funnel in just 12 weeks. 

And so, whether you’re an ambitious beginner looking to monetize as quickly as possible, an intermediate-level blogger looking to break through a plateau or a pro blogger already earning an income online, Product Launch Playbook Academy will provide the detailed instruction, support and resources to help you successfully create, launch and sell your signature product.


We do have a special template bundle available as an add-on to your course tuition. It’s called the Product Launch Booster Pack, and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase it after you complete your course registration. The booster pack includes 8 incredible templates in 3 beautiful styles (a total of 24!), including templates for creating your lead magnet, tripwire, opt-in page, tripwire sales page, signature product sales page, webinar slides, Facebook graphics and Pinterest graphics. It will save you hours of implementation time and is especially helpful if you don’t have easy access to a graphic designer.


With recorded lessons, there is plenty of room for flexibility so that you can fit your coursework into your own schedule. You should plan for 90-minute lessons each week, as well as for 5-10 hours of independent work to apply the lessons that you are learning. 


Success in this program requires that you take consistent, focused action, that you actually show up and that you take the time to apply what you are learning and complete all your course assignments.

The bottom line is that you can’t expect Product Launch Playbook Academy to magically work for you. You need to do the work.

That being said, our team is completely dedicated to your success and that means doing whatever we can to support you along the way. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, shoot us an email; we’re happy to help you find the answers.


The lesson recordings and all other course materials will be delivered digitally through a password-protected, members-only site. As soon as you enroll, you’ll be emailed your login information with a username and password.


No program works unless you do. If you’re expecting Product Launch Playbook Academy, or anything else, to magically solve your problems or make you money the moment you register, please do NOT sign up. This is not some “get rich quick” program, nor do we offer some top-secret formula or magic bullet that promises untold riches with no effort on your part. Plus, we actually care that you complete and implement the material provided in the course.

That’s why upon registering you must agree to complete the assignments. In order to be eligible for a refund you must submit your completed homework for the course within 6 months of purchase.

"I am using the PLP as my guide to launch The Power Squad Project. Even though my product is slightly different than most online launches the PLP is so comprehensive in its To-Do Lists, sample templates, and things to think about. It has helped me immensely in the planning and execution of this email community for women entrepreneurs!”

 –Ashleigh Blatt,


Still not sure? Just see what our original PLP users had to say!


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